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2016 Skoda Snowman Redesign, Changes and Concept – Welcome to Newcarsuv.com, we will provide the latest information about the Skoda Snowman Concept. 2016 Skoda Snowman changes is one brand new car from Skoda that was released in 2016. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the 2016 Skoda Snowman Release Date.

2016 Skoda Snowman Specs

The 2016 Skoda Snowman SUV will be looking forward to capitalizing on the success of the compact Yeti and bring forth a host of improvements that will dramatically change how people view this Czech car brand. This seven seater model will attain all features, which are considered to be of necessity in the SUV segment. Apart from boasting changes to its outer visuals, this vehicle will also experience a revamp in its interior features as well as engine. It will have enhanced fuel economy and will also excel in off-road capabilities like a Land Rover does.

2016 Skoda Snowman Specs will get change for the better, some improvements and redesign of this car will be more powerful and fuel-efficient SUV, the new Skoda Snowman will extend a seven-seat SUV models that offer comfort in driving.

By 2017 it is planned to another SUV, Skoda Sherpa and Skoda Fabia. The company aims to sell up to 2018 to 1.5 million copies. The new full-size SUV (internal name of the Plus SUV) could be named Snowman or Polar. He is the successor to the Yeti, which first appeared in sales in 2009. The Yeti is a security received five stars, and just having appeared declared the model year. Due to high demand of SUVs Skoda has decided to introduce another high-quality, durable and safe vehicle, suitable for all driving conditions. Once created Snowman will be positioned above the model Skoda Yeti. At the end of this year, 2016 Skoda Snowman will be presented to the Czech public at a special event.

The 2016 Skoda Snowman is designed as a big brother  to the compact Yeti. Not yet known whether the name Snowman stay or will be changed at the end of production. We will find out the final decision on promotion in 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. Its production takes place in company factory in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic. Thanks to this model, the Czech company has drawn public attention to yourself. Management of doing serious work and serious imposes on the market. They have shown that they have the knowledge, but to hear and capacities are increasing. Rumors that was sold 100,000 units each year were confirmed from headquarters. But the company has a new target which it deems to be attained but with this edition. Double the sale! Quite a big bite, we will see whether the attainable.

Skoda Snowman automotive market was first launched in 2009 and the car was well received by lovers suv, this car offers many advanced features and quality of the best in its class, the new Model 2016 Skoda Snowman rebuilt with a fresh design to meet the market demand suv very large, this is a mid-size SUV that will come equipped with many modern features with high technology, performance improvement will be one change in this car, the new model will offer off-road capabilities more powerful.


2016 Skoda Snowman Price

Pricing for the new 2016 Skoda Snowman has been set at $25,000 – $30,000 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2016 Skoda Snowman we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog Newcarsuv.Com.

2016 Skoda Snowman Specs

New 2016 Skoda Snowman built on the MQB Volkswagen platform such as those used to build the Audi A3, Skoda Octavia, VW Volkswagen Golf and other models. The new models in 2016 Snowman outdoor display will look similar to the latest Skoda Octavia, Skoda Snowman expected the new 2016 will have a tougher exterior lines in front of it so the car looks more powerful. The new model of the car will be designed with a planned seven-seat configuration therein, but most likely five-seat configuration will also be offered in 2016 Skoda Snowman basic trim. the front of the car will have a new and better light and grille with signature skoda middle while the wheels to be used in cars will have a size of 17 inches is large enough to cope with all terrain streets.

The 2016 Skoda Snowman SUV will share its platform with other cars like Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia. The MQB platform will make this vehicle lighter in weight and add some dimensional changes leading to increased cabin space. Exterior of 2016 Skoda Snowman SUV will get prominent frontal lines, Skoda’s signature grille design and headlights that are exclusive to this brand. It will ride high and mighty on 17 inch wheels that are found on the Octavia model. Standard trim will come with a seven seater configuration while rumours state that a 5 seater variant will also be available sometime after its release.

Interior of 2016 Skoda Snowman would look classy and elegant. Space will be enough, and the additional two seats are mainly intended for children. They expect high quality leather upholstery and comfortable heated seats. In the middle of the console will be located LCD screen of 5 inches, high-quality leather-wrapped steering wheel with a small number of key, which will be located on the steering wheel. There will be devices for navigation, audio system, GPS, infotainment system. New Snowman 2016 will have a wide range of equipment, technology and security systems. On security is gaining importance. From the numerous offers of security features includes: air bags (there will be 7), Automatic Climate Control, Rear view camera, parking sensors and more.


The new SUV will offer a model with five or seven seats. It will be built on the MQB platform of the new superb model, which will be shared with Volkswagwn Touareg. The vehicle will be long over 4.6 m. It will have robust look. It will be a combination of muscular looks Skoda Yeti and Skoda Octavia elegance. The new model will have a higher roofline. The front of the new 2016 Skoda Snowman will be redesigned. Bumper and grille will be changed. Mirrors will have their heaters and door handles will be chromed. New 2016 Snowman will be a great and spacious vehicle full off road capabilities. It comes on 17-inch wheels.

The 2016 Skoda Snowman concept as Yeti model is shared with Volkswagen CrossBlue concept. It is based on Volkswagen Group’s versatile MQB platform. Exterior will define expansive side panels and squared-off wheel arches which give the new muscular appearance. Mirrors will have their heaters and door handles will be chromed. Front mask (grille and bumper) will be redesigned. New 2016 Skoda Snowman will be  longer then current Yeti for almost 400 mm. This means that there will be a possibility that the vehicle can accommodate 5 to 7 passengers. The high level of demand for this full size SUV give technologies and components borrowed from Volkswagen Touareg. The public has released pictures of interior dominated by white color. We’ll see if this is due to the snow names or final selection. The central console is very clear and have 5 inches LCD display with GPS and entertainment system.

2016 Skoda Snowman Engine

2016 Skoda Snowman SUV using some powertrain, powertrain estimates used are TSI petrol and TDI diesel. for 2016 Skoda Snowman petrol unit that is expected to use 1.4-liter TSI and 2.0 liter TSI which is expected to produce approximately 150 and 180 horsepower. while the diesel powertrain uses a 2.0-liter TDI that produces 184 hp. the power will be delivered to the front wheels and optional all-wheel drive system will also be available.

New 2016 Snowman will have front-wheel drive, which is standard. It is possible to drive all four wheels. The vehicle will have to offer diesel and gasoline engines. The first engine option is a 2.0 liter TDI diesel with 184 hp. The second is the 2.0 liter TSI petrol engine with 180 hp. Transmission will be manual or automatic versions. The announcement is a 2016 Skoda Snowman hybrid version, which is expected next year. Those familiar with the car hard to the big SUV as it Snowman, make the most convenient 3.0 liter TDI engine. There is speculation that the drive units of the new model Snowman 2016 be similar to those of the VW Tiguan SUV. These are the engine of the Volkswagen Euro6 palette of powerful and high-quality motors, which correspond to European standards.

Review Pictures Specifications of 2016 Skoda Snowman :

2016 Skoda Snowman Interior

2016 Skoda Snowman Redesign


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