2016 Land Rover Discovery Redesign, Release Date and Changes

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2016 Land Rover Discovery Redesign, Release Date and Changes – Welcome to Newcarsuv.com, we will provide the latest information about the Land Rover Discovery Concept. 2016 Land Rover Discovery changes is one brand new car from Land Rover that was released in 2016. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the 2016 Land Rover Discovery Release Date.


The 2016 Discovery Sport is new to the Land Rover lineup, and while it replaces the LR2 in the lineup, it heads in a direction that’s going to be far more appealing than its predecessor. In many respects it borrows some of the essence of the Range Rover, yet serves as a smaller, lower-cost, and eminently family-friendly companion.

In theory, the original Freelander was supposed to be that; but it was a bit too small. The LR2 made inroads, but it was lacking in ride comfort and in the latest technology features; and perhaps it was still just a little too small inside for American families.

Land Rover got us used to their exceptional models. However, it wasn’t always clear about the name. From 2007, they launched their LR2 model, which was updated in 2013. Then, it received new engine with turbocharged four-cylinder drivetrain and updated and more luxurious interior. Then, Land Rover launched another nameplate, outside the US called Freelander. Successor of these vehicles won’t be called with either of these two names, but it will be 2016 Land Rover Discovery. World had a chance to have a first look to the concept car at New York’s car show. However, it is still vehicle far from production phase, so we need to wait to see how will 2016 Land Rover Discovery look like at the end.

2016 Land Rover Discovery  will be SUV sporty looks. This will be the fifth generation of the popular vehicles. There will be three trim levels SE, HSE and HSE luxury. Designers have added a large dose of a modern look in all fields. The car will get a more rounded look. The grid is given a futuristic look. The narrow headlights are continuing in the fine lines of the grid. The buyer will be able to choose between five looks aluminium wheels. One of the novelties in this beautiful SUV is a panoramic roof. The manufacturer has decided to refresh the colour palette. The offer will include nine fashionable colours. The vehicle will be wider and longer than its predecessor. This reassignment brings greater interior space. The vehicle will be able to accommodate up to seven passengers. The third seat is designed for children, due to the smaller size. This is another fact in favour that this car is perfect for a large family. The second and third seat can be folded and thus increase luggage space. The interior of the car will be extremely luxurious. Leather seats and plenty of accessories in charge of the party will make every trip very enjoyable.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Specs

2016 Land Rover Discovery Price

Pricing for the new 2016 Land Rover Discovery has been set at $38,723 – $45,460 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2016 Land Rover Discovery we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog Newcarsuv.Com.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Concept

The 2016 Land Rover Discovery will share platform with another car from the family, Range Rover Ecoque. The platform called Dubbed LR-MS and Ford’s old EUCD design will be used, but with updated versions. A lot of work is ahead mechanicals, so we need to wait for sales start to see all available options for 2016 Land Rover Discovery. However, even based on these platforms, it is rumored that 70 percent of it will be changed or modified. Of course, new lightweight materials, such as aluminum, will be used for building. Weight will be shredded even proportion will remain the same.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Release Date

2016 Land Rover Discovery Specs

The 2016 Land Rover Discovery will be basically five-seater. But, it is expected for vehicle to be offered as 7-seater. That will make 2016 Discovery an suitable family vehicle. Also, with tough competition ahead of it, Land Rover will include LR4’s substitute into Discovery lineup. Subcompact crossover segment offer will be richer than ever. For these who wants more expensive and luxurious model, Land Rover left Defender to satisfy the needs of these fans.

The Discovery Sport owes some of its underpinnings to the steel-bodied Evoque, which itself evolved from the LR2. But it’s been stretched and pulled into a longer, wider form. It wears some aluminum body panels, but not down to its core. It’s still a compact SUV, but now it’s one good for seating seven passengers when its rearmost fold-away seats are counted.

Compared to the previous LR2, the Discovery Sport is about 3.5 inches longer, with a wheelbase stretched by about the same amount. That allows enough extra space to fit a third-row seat a small one, for sure yet one that should meet what some parents need. Meanwhile it’s slightly wider than the LR2, translating to a little more cabin spaciousness, and while the roof is about 1.5 inches lower overall it preserves its 8.3 inches of ground clearance.

Land Rover actually sets expectations low for the seven-seat arrangement, calling it a ‘5+2’ configuration, and it should be just fine for the occasional extra seat needed for child-shuttling. Ahead of those, front seats are supportive and super-comfortable, with a good driving position although you don’t look over the hood in quite the same way as in most other Land Rover vehicles. And the second row is no compromise for adults; it slides fore and aft 6.3 inches in all, with reclining seatbacks, and is nicely proportioned, although that does mean that you sacrifice a completely flat cargo floor for folding. Rest assured, there’s plenty of versatility and cargo space for gear and groceries. Land Rover also boasts that there are face-level air vents in all three rows, along with a USB charging port for every passenger including in the third row.

As it is, we think that there’s a lot of appeal penned into the Discovery Sport from first glance, as it throws out the more lanky, slab-sided look of the previous LR2 and mixes, in ideal proportion, the softness of the current Range Rover with some of what makes the Evoque so appealing namely, its stance, and how the big 20-inch wheels fill out the wheel wells. Beyond the more rakish profile, mashed up with a high roofline and rounded corners, it’s the thin strips of honeycombed grille, clamshell hood, integral skid plates, and the keyed headlights, adding to a look that hits closer to the mainstream yet is uniquely Land Rover, and Range Rover.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Redesign

2016 Land Rover Discovery Engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Discovery will be  turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Also, Range Rover models have been supplied with supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine which could be part of 2016 Discovery lineup. All drivetrains will be paired with 9-speed auto transmission. Latest versions of the Discovery has new off-roading system developed by the company called Terrain Response. We are sure that one will be part of the 2016 Discovery at its launch early in 2015.

The engine reaches its peak 251 pound-feet of torque at just 1,750 rpm, which combined with a nice linear throttle feel makes it easy to precisely control, whether off-road or in parking situations. Yet if you really step on it, it feels perhaps stronger than its 7.8-second 0-60 mph time might suggest

There’s a bit of a flat spot as you approach 2,500 rpm, but it seems to really hit its stride with strong power delivery from in the 3,000 to 4,000-rpm range right where it’s needed for confident moderate acceleration without the cabin getting too noisy or the powertrain feeling too strained. It’s a delightful overachiever in the middle of the rev band.

2016 Land Rover Discovery will have an excellent and economical engine. The engineers have decided to check the engine. The four-valve 2.0 litter turbocharged will have 250 horsepower and 230 lb / ft of torque. This beauty will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph achieved for 7.2 s. Transmission should be a nine-speed automatic. The vehicle will use the latest technology to drive all four wheels. According to some information, the offer will be a hybrid model.

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