2016 Dodge Rampage Review on the Concept of the Car

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2016 Dodge Rampage Review on the Concept of the Car – This 2016 Dodge Rampage review will be helpful for those of you who want to have this amazing pickup truck. The 2016 Dodge Rampage will be a pickup truck which is elegant and nice. This truck has been designed to provide a concept of roomy space, but this truck can also be used as a family car. In terms of specs, there is no official information about the 2016 Dodge Rampage pickup truck, but this 2016 Dodge Rampage review will give a couple of important information.


2016 Dodge Rampage Review on Exterior and Interior Design

The information that you will read is about the concept of this perfect Dodge version. According to many auto publishers, this modern pickup truck will come with a couple of similarities with its predecessor, but it will also come with a couple of changes. The exterior design of this new version will not be very different from its previous model. The brand new 2016 Dodge Rampage is assumed to be larger than its previous version. This car will have more masculine appearance and more aggressive. The manufacturers of Dodge have determined to make this car more impressive for those of you who previously do not like pickup truck. This new Rampage will have the front end that will come with new crossbar grille, new alloy wheels, new double flare fenders, and LED powered headlights. The interior of the brand new Dodge Rampage will be created by high quality materials. This car also comes with upholstered seats which are supported with high quality premium leather which will give its fans a comfortable drive. The brand new Dodge Rampage comes with dash that will be located in the middle with brand new look. The cabin inside will have a lot of space, specifically leg space. The cargo space of the car will also be larger than its predecessor.


2016 Dodge Rampage Review on Power Train

According to 2016 Dodge Rampage review, this brand new pickup truck will be powered by V8 hemi engine which is completed with Multi-Displacement system of Chrysler. This engine will produce 345 horsepower and it will be paired by a 5-speed automatic transmission. As for this brand new Dodge Rampage, the front-wheel drive system will come as standard option. In terms of fuel economy, this pickup truck gets an EPA estimated between 15 up to 18 mpg. And also, the brand new Dodge Rampage will also be offered in a diesel model too. According to a couple of auto journalists, there is also hybrid model that will be launched by the company.


2016 Dodge Rampage Review on Concept of the Car

As it has already been mentioned, this car is created like a truck but it is different from other competitors because this car can be used for your daily activities as a family car. It is not difficult for you to get in the car, because it comes with back door which opens backwards, so you can get large access to get to the car cabin. This car can accommodate up to seven adult passengers comfortably. Because this model is for 2016, there are a couple of special features that you can get from this car such as cruise control, infotainment system, navigation controls, wireless connectivity, USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity.

2016 Dodge Rampage Review on Release Date and Price

The price of this perfect car will be ranged from $30,000 up to $40,000. Talking about the release date of this car, there is no official information that explains about this one, but according to many auto reviewers, this car will be released in the late summer or autumn of 2016.





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